October Retreat

Immerse in radiant qi practices designed for women’s health, women’s lives and our connection with the Sacred Feminine.

Explore our alignment with ourselves and in the cosmos, and work with qigong practices, self-massage, and insights from Kuan Yin, the Tibetan and Chinese Goddess of compassion.

Enter the Sacred Feminine

A Weekend of Deity Practice and nourishing Qigong Practices for women’s vitality and sacred connection

The Qigong practices will have a specific focus on sacred feminine principles. We will be exploring practices that promote women’s health and wellbeing, including the breasts and womb – womb as source of creative potential.

Tibetan Dakini/Goddess practices and meditations involve visualising ourselves as the awakened goddess of each element. These practices enable us to access the qualities of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and space.

Lotus Flower

The lotus flower begins life in the secret darkness and humility of earth. It raises its energy through stem and bud, journeying through water towards light. As the lotus blossoms, it rests perfectly balanced between water and air, connecting the realms of heaven and earth, opening its secret heart, giving itself fully to life.


Nourish, balance, and vitalise our women’s health and creativity through qigong practices. Learn how to honour the secret darkness that births our potential.

Learn how to align ourselves with the potent energies of heaven and earth and create energetic boundaries for containing and strengthening our vitality.

Learn to value and love our feminine consciousness and the sacredness of our bodies that are capable of creating life in many forms.

Practise opening our hearts to the world without losing ourselves to the needs of others.

Kuan Yin

Work with the energy and wisdom of Kuan Yin to cultivate clear balanced compassion for ourselves, others and the cosmos, supporting life and aliveness in its unlimited forms. 

The Five Elements

When understood and purified, the elements manifest as the five pristine awarenesses. Connecting with these qualities of awakened consciousness is the main purpose of Tibetan Teaching.

Experience the five pristine awarenesses: stability, clarity, discrimination, energy and space, allowing us to be more present and engaged in our daily life.

There will be time at the end of the sessions for discussion.

The Tao is called the Great Mother:

Empty yet inexhaustible,

It gives birth to infinite worlds.

It is always present within you.

You can use it any way you want. 


Tao te Ching 6, Lao-tsu, transl. Stephen Mitchell

The second 2021 immersive retreat
with Dyana Wells and Dr Violet Sherwood

In Raglan, Waikato, New Zealand

2-Day, non-residential

October 2021 Labour Weekend (pending)
or Weekend nearby

one hour lunch break each day

$180 Early Bird

$200 from September 24th

Payment by Bank Transfer:

ANZ 11-5345-0240619-01

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Qigong is an energy system developed in China between 4000 and 8000 years ago for strengthening and directing life force energy through the body. Ancient Chinese sages and healers observed the natural world, its cycles and seasons, the movements and habits of animals, and the elemental forces of sun, moon, stars, water, mountains, sky, earth and trees. They developed a system for moving energy in a synergistic flow with the rhythms of nature that proved to be an effective method of self-healing. In Chinese, Qigong is represented by an ideagram that combines two ideas – the concept of energy or breath, and the concept of skill or work. So, Qigong refers to skilful means of working with life-force energy, the energy in all living things. Working with our body’s meridians or energy lines, Qigong increases the healthy flow and distribution of life-force energy, thereby strengthening our vitality, boosting our immune system, calming our mind, and healing difficult states that arise from imbalances of energy.
Practising Qigong regularly helps us to feel alive, calm, alert, focused, relaxed and grounded. Through Qigong practice we cultivate and balance our life force energy for enhanced health, vitality and wellbeing.
Qigong uses flowing gentle movements to nourish and support the flow of energy through our body. Combining body, breath and mind within each movement, Qigong can be considered a form of moving meditation, combining all the benefits of a physical workout, cardiovascular exercise and meditation in one practice. As a result, Qigong may relieve or reduce stress, tension and pain. As the greater flow of qi balances our emotions we may feel a deep inner peace and relaxation. Integrating mind, breath and body in Qigong nourishes all our cells with vital life energies, clearing blockages or stagnation, strengthening weaknesses and reducing overstimulation or excess of energy. This has the effect of balancing our internal states naturally over time. … See the full introduction to Qigong and Five Element theory by Dr Violet Sherwood here.

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