artwork © Dyana Wells 2020

Raglan Weekend Retreat

Held on Saturday 14 November–Sunday 15 November 2020


Retreat description …

Engage your personal process through movement, breath and meditation.

Cultivate nourishing practices for health and wellbeing.

Transform difficult states into positive energy, relaxation and flow.

The Teachings …

Drawing on ancient Chinese and Tibetan concepts and practices, Dyana Wells and Dr Violet Sherwood integrated four complementary disciplines to invite states of energy, flow and wellbeing.

The retreat introduced Five Element Qigong alongside the other movement and meditation practices.

Qigong   Tsa Lung   Kum Nye   Meditation   Art Play

  • clear the meridians
  • recognise and release habitual patterns
  • cultivate deeply nourishing feelings
  • generate loving kindness towards all
  • clarify and gain insight into the discoveries

To can develop our potential to balance and harmonise internal energies in relationship with the external cycles and energies of nature.