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Integrated Disciplines

Qigong – Tsa Lung – Kum Nye – Meditation – Art Play

Raglan HQ

We are based in Raglan, Waikato, NZ

During this weekend we will be immersing ourselves in Western, Tibetan and Chinese moving meditation practices. Through movement we will touch increasingly subtle states of consciousness and wellbeing. Through stillness we allow our minds to dive deep. 

The body know how to heal itself The body is intimately connected to the whole of life. The body is the doorway to the divine. This is a weekend to delve into the ever changing experience of self and be delighted. This weekend in an invitation dance with yourself and connect with the healing energies of life. 

Somatics, Kum Nye and Qigong

A Weekend of Practice – Movement, Stillness and Flow

Tap into your body’s natural capacity for self healing using practices of movement, stillness and flow. 

Connect with your body, release tension and anxiety, move with ease and flow, dive deep.

Dates will be confirmed at a later date

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Enter the Sacred Feminine

A Weekend of Deity Practice and nourishing Qigong Practices for women’s vitality and sacred connection.

Nourishing practices from the Qigong tradition, with a specific focus on sacred feminine principles. We will be exploring practices that promote woman health and wellbeing, including the breasts and womb – womb as source of creative potential.

Dates will be confirmed at a later date

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Tibetan Dakini/Goddess practices. These meditations involve visualising ourselves as the awakened goddess of each element. These practices enable us to access the qualities of the five elements, earth, water, fire, air and space.

The elements, when understood and purified, manifest as the five pristine awarenesses. Connecting with these qualities of awakened consciousness is the main purpose of Tibetan Teaching. The experience of the five pristine awarenesses: stability, clarity, discrimination, energy and space, allows us to be more present and engaged in our daily life.

We find the unconditional support we need to embrace life fully rather than withdraw and protect ourselves from it.

Enter the Sacred Feminine: overview

We will immerse in radiant qi practices designed for women’s health, women’s lives and our connection with the Sacred Feminine.

We will explore our alignment with ourselves and in the cosmos, and work with qigong practices, self-massage, and insights from Kuan Yin, the Tibetan and Chinese Goddess of compassion.

In our world the Sacred Feminine has been suppressed and subjugated for centuries.

Reconnection with our feminine divinity, power and healing energy is needed to rebalance the energies that restore the World Soul.

From the cosmological perspective ‘as above, so below’ as we honour the sacred feminine within ourselves we offer healing for our planet.

We also optimise our own health and wellbeing.

Due to the subject matter, this retreat is for women only.


Somatics, Kum Nye and Qigong: overview

This workshop is designed to give you an overview of why we move in the unhealthy way we do, and what is required to re-pattern this movement. There will be time at the end for discussion and to take some of the somatic principles explored into yoga asana and observe the difference in the way we practice and the outcome.

With a focus on on the pelvis, hips and lower back.

Enhance your Yoga Practice. 

Understanding the Biomechanics of movement from a Somatic perspective. 

Bring increased flexibliity, power and ease to your yoga practice. 

Faulty movement patterns in the brain create muscle tension and pain in the body. This limits our ability to deepen our yoga practice. There often comes a point when we can no longer make progress. Or we are not sure exactly how to do a pose, because we don’t understand the the simple principles of the biomechanics of movement . 

To create healthy movement patterns we need to work with the brain, to allow it to release tension and create properly integrated movement that is pleasurable and healthy. 

Knee pain, hip pain and back pain are generally caused by chronic tension somewhere else in the body. Movement is restricted and the force that generates movement no longer tracks smoothly through our bones and joints, but ends up locked in our muscles and stuck in the joints. Movement becomes effortful and painful. As we get older tension seems to manifest more and more in our body.

Somatics is designed to re-pattern movement. By using simple movement with awareness, Somatics gives you a practical understanding of how a healthy body moves in a fully integrated way.

Clear up any confusions you may have about how the body is meant to move. Relieve pain, and un-pattern chronic restrictions. Move with ease and grace in all your asana practices.

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